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The Nicest Ice: Beijing’s Best Baobing


There’s little else I’d rather eat on a hot summer’s day than a mountain of shaved ice (刨冰 baobing) – sometimes in lieu of the meal itself. What better way to cool down during a blisteringly hot day in Beijing – or after a spicy chili-laden meal – than a mountain of snowy ice, heaped with all [...]

Taiwan Food Street, and the best Grass Jelly ever

Grass jelly with tapioca red bean balls 综合仙草粉心圆

Though the new Qianmen pedestrian street may be a travesty of historical preservation, the “Taiwan in Style” area on Dajiang Hutong has a surprisingly good food court, making simple renditions of Taiwan favorites. There’s plenty of rice noodles and oyster omelets, but the red bean cakes and grass jelly are particularly worth coming back for.

Mooncake Review: A little chickpea in your red bean?

xibei mooncakes (黑三宝 in foreground)

Like it or not, mooncake season is upon us: Wednesday, Sept. 22, is Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), celebrating the roundest, most golden full moon of the year. Westerners may call it the harvest moon, but for China this moon is all about being together with one’s family. The word for being together, 团圆 tuanyuan, literally means [...]

All I want this summer: iTea 找茶

itea cup

Four or five years ago, you used to be able to count with one hand the number of icy-dessert shops in Beijing. And now, in just the past year, we have a number of respectable shops serving refreshing, fruity icy treats. The latest, and my current favorite, is iTea (找茶), which aggressively expanded into Beijing a few months ago with six new locations. iTea seems to have hit upon a rather winning combination of clean, bright aesthetics; high-quality teas, ices, and slushes; and low prices.

Awfully Chocolate

awfully chocolate in takeaway container

Awfully Chocolate is known for their decadent chocolate cakes, but they also make some of Beijing’s best dark chocolate ice cream.

A slice of apple heaven

apple walnut cake

It may not look very fancy, but this slice of apple-walnut cake (RMB 28) from the South German Bakery was a little piece of heaven: rich, nutty, stuffed with apples, and most importantly, moist with rum. I suppose that’s German pastry for you: simple, homey, and delicious. The bakery also many other worthy treats, including [...]

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