Haw Berries & Kumquats


Born in Beijing, I came back to the city after some 17 years, lured by the Olympics and delicious food – the sheer variety of which is only dimly guessed at outside of this country.

I’m happy to report that both have lived up to their promise while still leaving my appetite clamoring for more.

I wholeheartedly love Beijing (even on the bad days). It’s full of wonderful foods of all kinds, from simple noodles and sesame buns to crisp-skinned duck and creative small plates dining. And what Beijing can’t provide (readily and cheaply), there’s always my tiny kitchen and toaster oven, from which I can coax pain au levain, whole-wheat pitas, lemon tarts, and freshly ground peanut butter whenever the fancy strikes.

I like try to use local ingredients as much as possible, especially those special to Beijing: black sesame, millet, dates, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and of course, my favorite haw berries. I order my vegetables from an organic farm, which I highly recommend.

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